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Yeah, what Nick said yesterday because I was listening to your podcast last, but that’s copy that’s taken from us, not from them brought into that. Well, you wouldn’t know it. That’s right, which is why it ended up working, right. That’s right and it would be way better if I had time because I would record something original. My podcast would explode if I had time and maybe I’m trying to convince myself right now to do it, but if I would record literally just a minute or two to set up what you’re about to listen to because I could use the moment in time.

Especially off of the one that you’ve just had because we’ve lived through the a golden year of opportunity and some of it’s getting corrected. Yes, right now. And we’re all playing one big game of Cack and El TV, he’s just playing it literal. Cost of acquisition, lifetime value. It’s true math.

Which is why he can get to 100 because when it really works, you can’t spend enough. Yes. You spend it all. It all pays back.

If you know the. And what you’ll love and this will make sense to you and this is probably where maybe I can take you to a place. That’s basically what I’m doing as a brand in perpetuity because I have no short term metric. I have actually two questions. One is, influencers Yes. We just started working with them.

Yes. Especially for pocket product, which is pretty small in comparison with all the others. What’s the best strategy for our business to work with influencers. Your best strategy on influencers is just brand long tail arbitrage. They won’t convert, like even if they’re.

Well, you’ll find people like. Like if I did an ad right now, hey Vayner Nation, like straight up being authentic. Let me play it out exactly. Hey Vayner Nation, being authentic, you know I never pitch anything, but the fact of the matter is I love this wine app.

They’re my homies, known them for 13 years. They’re paying me $200,000 for this. I want to be authentic with all of you. But, you fucking know me, like I’ve never done this. I’m doing this because this is the best wine app I’ve ever seen. Link is in my profile, you should download it.

It would convert, what I just did would convert. Still not that great. Definitely not to what you would care about and I’m extremely rare, thus you can imagine why I’m worried about influencers for people that are deep, deep quant based around gaming. I like it better for fashion/retail.

I like it better for consumer packaged goods. I don’t love it as much for gaming because the natural influencer isn’t there. You know, the fashion blogger gal. There’s a billion of her. The food people there’s a billion of them. The I’m a casual gamer influencer, doesn’t exist.

You’re not going to get e-sports people to convert. So you’ve got a, do you see where I’m going? Yes. Sure, there’s people you can do. Sure, some of them will work for math for you. None of them will work the second time.

None of them, none of them. They don’t have a second post in them. I think you need to look at Instagram story swipe up ads. Have you guys looked there? Yes, yes. I think what you need to do is optimize creative.

That’s what I’m. Yeah, I saw you. That’s your. Contextual.

Contextual at scale. Yes, yes. At scale. Yes, I’m building brand.

And building brand. I think the two things that if I was, and I think you already picked up on it. I think you’re here and I want you here.

Yes. I want you to spend more money on brand, which will always work. And I want you to go way more long tail contextual, creative and paid.

This worked, but it’s starting not to. Which is why this matters. Yes, that’s fair.

That’s it. And our market is pretty funny, I would say. Funny is always an interesting adjective.

So we’re doing social because you know, there is no real money involved the people are spending real money, but the are buying tokens. That’s right. And spending tokens in the game. That’s right.

The market is growing. Why it’s growing, because people stop flying to Vegas, they stop playing in the real casino, they stop paying thousands of dollars and start paying hundreds of dollars for the same emotions, the same dopamine. They start playing online casino. Live dealer casino SA is a great solution for the people who love to play in real casinos, because it real but in your mobile phone or laptop. We tried the influencer who are filming themselves in the casino and I won, I had the big win and stuff, but it doesn’t convert.

Similar to what I was telling him which is you’re going, too many people go too literal when all you’re trying to do is buy under-priced attention. Yeah. Right. So for example, I think you would do so much better with, you know, and this is for your business and this is for your business.

The person I’m most obsessed with is the alpha woman in the suburb. I’m obsessed with this woman. I really got to, I’m going to name her.

Maybe Sally, you know. Sandra, Sandra. I just am obsessed with the following woman. Specifically because it’s more, this is very general. High net worth suburb of a big town, she’s the alpha of her 39 friends.

Because there’s a million of her and she’s so influential and if you can get 39 of them in a concentrated area, you can get the whole damn thing. Got it. So 55 plus, this is our. Whether it’s 28 or 55 or 72, there is a 42 year old woman who is the alpha of her neighborhood which means 19 other women look up to her. She says, they say, they’re also influential, boom. And it will work for a lot of people.

There’s a term in American politics. It’s called soccer moms. It was during, I don’t know if it was Clinton or Bush or Gore, but it was like, it was categorizing the swing of this election is soccer moms, which is really in a lot of ways what I’m referring to now. The influential suburban woman. How she voted and how she impacted the vote. I think that person right now is extremely relevant to me.

Here’s why I love it, all of them are on Instagram. Here’s why I like it more. They all have between 700 and 7,000 fans, which means nobody’s paying attention. It’s not fun because it’s long tail. It’s a lot of hand-to-hand combat, but what you end up realizing is you hire three people to do the hand-to-hand combat at $45,000 a year. Hand-to-hand combat, DM but when you amortize out the cost of $150,000 salary.

Online Coaching

This is a gigantic revolution for coaches, consultants, service providers, any sort of experts. It’s one of the biggest reasons why so many people are now starting to become self-employed or are now getting into entrepreneurship, becoming their own boss and literally just breaking free from the mundane, boring nine to five hamster wheel. There is so much opportunity here for you and it’s crazy and I’m about to jump on that call. It’s getting better and easier by the day and I have to jump on that call now, so just join me, come with me to see what it’s all about and we’ll talk more about this in a second. Let’s crush it now, let’s go. You know, and I’ve been speaking maybe with Andrea and with Jal, like the Gomez Brothers and everything and honestly like, everything you’ve just said, it makes me life, ironic I wanna hug you now, I’m like come on man, he’s nailed everything that was up in my head, you know it’s like… Like you just said dude about you don’t need so many leads.

I was like, it just makes so much sense. You just need 10 who love you. Here’s a great thing and this is something I’m particularly excited about.

At the moment I prefer to play in a canadian casino online. If you love to play online slots, do not waste time – here is an honest game with customers and everyone can use their skills to win. Online casino games in one place for you! They offers 1st deposit bonus, free spins, sign-up bonuses.

Look, we’re all coming into this wonderful Freedom Business Mentoring group, we’re all coming from different countries, different time zones, different walks of life, we develop different expertise, different types of coaching businesses and that is amazing. Really if you think about that, when have we ever had that in our lives? That we have access to so many people that are all hustling towards the same goal. And this is really something I’m so, so deeply appreciative on a deeper basis. You understand that? There’s nothing better in that.

I mean over the last couple months, over the last couple years, there’s been so much development that has enabled people like us to get together and to do our thing. How amazing is it that you can nowadays literally reach clients from all around the world, 24/7, with nothing else but your phone? How many clients can you generate with this thing? How much money can you make with this thing?

How many lives can you change? Literally by a bunch of zeros and ones that are connecting people all across the globe. And now we’re getting together here in this group and we’re working together and I love what you said, that you said it can be extremely advantageous to kind of participate in the group, see the general vibe, see what the coaches are posting to help that guy out to help me in my situation, then we can all learn from each other right? How amazing is that when Sam asks a targeted question, that can help Andrea and when we’re all helping each other out and I see some of you commenting on each other’s stuff and you’re learning so much about business, brand building, marketing, sales from this program and you give it to others, right?

How do we call that, the law of the 33%? You should hang out, 33% of your time you should hang out with people that are above you, right? These are us, your coaches.

We’re gonna teach you everything, we’ve made all the mistakes for you already, so you don’t have to do it. 33% of your time you should hang out with peers that are in your relative area of expertise, okay? So these are people that are as far in the program as you, all right? We got some of you guys talking to each other, you’re in the same module, “How did you do that?”

“How did you do that?” You’re asking us, you get feedback from that and 33% of your time, you should be hanging out with people that are below you, okay? Those are the people that are getting into the program, they’re a little newer. They’re struggling with some things, now why is that important for you?

Why is that so amazing for you? Because number one, you learn from the people that are above you. You get new input, you get the outside perspective.

“Hey, I’ve been there, do it like this it’s better,” right? So you’re saving tons of time and energy, because you don’t have to make that same problem. Right, you don’t have to face that some problem, don’t have to make the same mistake. Now 33% of the time you’re hanging out with peers, this is where the creativity, the creative juices are flowing. We’re hanging out with each other.

You’re kind of pinging ideas off each other, “Oh, that’s great.” You’re kind of getting inspired because the other one’s getting a little bit ahead or you’re getting a little bit ahead. And then you’ll learn the most also, by reiterating what you’ve learnt from the people above you to the people below you, right? Repetition, there’s literally, one of my favorite videos on this program of how we retain knowledge is by reiterating it to others and that is the beauty of this program and most of us would’ve never met each other in real life. There’s people from Italy, people from Canada, people from South America, some people are sitting over there in Asia.

We would’ve never met. But now we’re exchanging expertise and we’re helping each other out, right? And this hasn’t been possible couple years ago. This wasn’t possible with video live stream, how many people are we are on this call now? We’re all video live streaming each other, we’re here-Around 50, 48. It’s amazing, as if we were in the same room, we’re not even on the same continent some of us.

That’s the amazing thing about coaching, consulting nowadays and I see a bunch of you guys nodding. Really take a second to implement it, to understand it, how amazing that is. And you know sometimes I feel down. Sometimes I feel not motivated to work on my dreams further. To put a happy face on and know that I will crush it.

You know what I do, to answer you question Terry. I go onto this very group and I’m reading through your messages. And I’m seeing this guy’s crushing it and this guy’s developed his USP and this guy’s made his first close, this guy’s made his first couple thousand dollars, that shit motivates the hell out of me. Okay just stay with that.

No, I think that’s great. I think what most people, I haven’t heard of many fitness programs that teach you only gaining weight. Most fitness programs are so, they’re coming from this bad mindset of the more people I can help the better, right?

So they teach you how to get a six pack and muscles and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t like that, in fact I like it better to say “Yo, I teach men who have a metabolism “how to finally gain some muscle.” Because I, and I told you that last time, I personally know a handful of guys already that have trouble gaining muscle, one of them is sitting right there.

He’s like “Bro I can’t gain weight. I’m going to the gym “and I’m trying to eat as much as I can, “I just can’t gain weight,” right? So there’s tons of people like that. I think it’s your mindset to say “Oh, that’s what basically everybody is teaching anyway.” Mindset problem.

The fitness industry is one of the biggest industries that’s completely full of broke shcmucks, who have no clear idea about positioning. So that’s why I loved your idea of saying “I don’t even around with fitness and six pack “and blah, blah, blah. I help skinny dudes “gain some muscle.” And I love that, I love that. Yes, okay. Okay, yeah, that is it.

All I can say like, these calls are always a personal highlight of mine. I love them, they give me so much energy and I hope that I can give you energy as well and I love that we’re getting into this like, it’s almost like we’re sitting around a bonfire and we’re discussing things and we’re just bouncing things back and forth and it’s really like, we’re this like, mastermind group where, I love it when you guys talk to each other and give ideas, bounce back, I can help you out, I can guide you through the process. I love the hyper-focused questions where I can really dissect your business, implement the right things, take the wrong things out and help you get on your way and just really be safe and secure and be knowledgeable enough and confident enough to go forward, start making money, get your clients and again this is so damn inspiring for me and I really wanna thank you for being on board, for being part of this program, for being on board with all these calls that we have so many times and you know, if you have any more questions post on the Facebook group. We’re here 24/7 for you. If there’s anything more I can do with you, for you, or Nikita or Joseph or anybody from my coaches can do for you, post in the Facebook group.

We’re here for you. Until then, let’s crush it. Implement the things that we’ve talked about today, keep inspiring each other, keep inspiring me and my team, keep inspiring everybody and together we’re part of that wonderful epic and amazing upward spiral of success.

Let’s go make some money, let’s go get some freedom, let’s go fulfill our dreams, let’s crush it, GG and may the force be with you, bam. GG, guys, GG. Epic call, epic call I gotta say and yeah. I mean, I’m always so drained after these calls and… It’s always so amazing to see as a coach, to see how your clients are crushing it and it is so inspiring and I’m also so grateful as a coach to see how your clients are doing well and how you’re clients are progressing and you see them almost on a daily basis, how they’re getting better. That really means a lot to me and that’s you know, that’s a real fulfillment that you attain as a coach and by the way, this is exactly what Freedom Business Mentoring is.

If you’ve been asking yourself “What is Freedom Business Mentoring?” It’s exactly that, we help young entrepreneurs become a coach, consultant or service provider in their field. We help them monetize their passion so they can finally break from the nine to five hamster wheel, thank you for the notifications.

So they can finally break free from the nine to five hamster wheel and live a life where they’re their own boss, where they’re free to travel the world, they make good money and you know, they can really be themselves and that it one of the things that I live for myself and that is exactly what we’re teaching in the Freedom Business Mentoring program. And on a side not if you wanna join this group there’s a link in the description below. You literally just click that link and you jump on a free consultation call with us, you can literally book the exact time and date where you want us to call you. You can talk to me personally or with an expert from my team and we can see exactly how we can help you out, what kind of skill you have that we can help you monetize and you can get to join Freedom Business Mentoring, mentoring group. It’s really cool stuff. Other than that, again, it’s one of the best things that you can do as a coach, consultant, service provider.

We’ve kind of talked about this before, that you have the tools at your disposal now that help you reach your clients and give them all the value but the other thing that is so huge is that you can now reach potential clients anywhere round the world, okay? And this was a problem many experts used to deal with. The locality problem. They would, you know, be in a city and they would only reach the people in their city so they had a very finite pool of potential clients. But with the internet, with advancements in Web 2.0, social media, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, all these things, all of a sudden your pool went from very finite in your city, to everybody in the world.

So all of a sudden you could reach anybody that is dealing with the problem that you can help them fix. And it’s incredible because the advancements that you can make in terms of your business growth, that you can make in terms of getting more clients and thus also creating more revenue and profit for you is huge. There’s so many amazing opportunities for you.

And on top of that, you don’t have to have an office anymore, you don’t need clients anymore. You don’t even need to create, to invest money into advertisement. It’s all done for free nowadays via social media, you can do it most of it manually by getting into Facebook groups, by joining forums.

You can literally get clients of Reddit nowadays and that is just the huge revolution that’s been happening over the last couple years when it comes to coaching consultants and service providing. The other great thing is it comes with almost no cost at all, all right? ‘Cause you’re not creating a physical product that you have to pay for or you need a lot of capital investment. No, you’re literally selling your expertise.

You’re selling a little bit of your time. So you’re sitting on no risk. You’re not risking to create anything, you’re not creating any product that you then hope, hope to God it will sell. No again, you’re selling your expertise and the great thing is, you can also grow alongside with that with your first client.

You can get better at that, then you can get a second client, you can get even better and so on, so forth. You can learn by doing while you’re already getting paid. You don’t need a degree for that either.

You don’t need to study economics, you don’t need a degree in economics whatsoever. People don’t care about that. The regular average person that is your potential client literally cares about can this person, this coach, consultant, service provider bring me results, yes or no? And this is by the way exactly what you learn in the Freedom Business Mentoring program.

How to position yourself correctly, how to get your first clients, how to scale, how to make money and again, what is the end result for you? Freedom, because nothing in this world is more important than your own personal freedom. The freedom of working wherever you want. If you wanna backpack around Thailand while at the same time running your business you can do that.

If you wanna chill on a ranch, again, in Nebraska, enjoying nature you can do that. If you wanna live the big city life in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, you can do that. If you wanna do all these things within a year you can do that.

You have the freedom to work whenever you want. You wanna sleep in during the day? Go ahead and do that. You wanna party at night? Go ahead and do that.

You wanna work at night? Go ahead and do that. You wanna take some time off in between?

Go ahead and do that. How important is that for you? I know it was always so important for me. I hated getting up in the morning.

I would dread it, I would dread it so much that I couldn’t even fall asleep. I hated the fact that I had to wear a nice shirt and a tie and that I had to say yes sir and good morning sir and I had to be nice to my boring, idiotic co-workers. I didn’t want it. I didn’t like it. I wanted to be free, I wanted to be whoever the hell I want to be. And I think that was one of the things that always made me just magnetically drawn towards the coaching, consulting, service providing business ’cause I said “If I’m a coach, I’m my own boss.

“I can do whatever I want.” And if there’s one thing in this world I’m good at, it is building a successful coaching business. I’ve done it with my first business, a dating advice business. I’ve created a worldwide movement, I’ve made tons of money giving great value to my clients and it was so damn fulfilling for me as a coach. And as I did that more and more people reached out to me, being in a coaching position, where they said “Hey how do I generate my first client? “How do I deliver more value to my clients?

“How can I get more money? “How can I make more profit, more revenue etc?” So as I did that, I just started helping all these coaches building their coaching businesses and I said “That’s great. “How about making that the next big project of mine?” Helping young entrepreneurs, finding their passion, monetize so they can break free from the nine to five hamster wheel and enjoy a life of being their own boss, enjoying being free. Now let that sink in.

The Perfect Weekend in LAS VEGAS 😍

Good morning adventurers! Good morning! From another beautiful day here in Las Vegas. It’s so sunny here. I love it. Yeah, so we’ve checked into the Palms Hotel.

We’re gonna be staying here for the next couple nights We thought it’d be really cool to show you guys an awesome weekend here in Vegas and we want to win real money at free pokies and slots in casinos, tasting some delicious foods. Yes, we are gonna be getting outside of the city as well. We’re gonna see parts of the biggest area that we’ve never seen before. It’s gonna be amazing.

It’s gonna be so much fun and we won’t lose any money in the process That’s always a good thing. For these videos, we are working with Las Vegas and huge shout out to them for sending us on all these adventures We are so excited to be here. It’s gonna be so much fun. Gonna be amazing. We cannot wait. First up We will give you guys a little look around this room.

It’s very cool And then we will head out to our first lunch spot. Let’s do it So, this is our room here at the Palms You can see it’s super simple, really classy design, nice and colorful which is always good. Tons of light. (It’s huge) Yeah, lots of light, huge king-sized bed, which is so nice. Also, it comes with all these little snacks and goodies.

Check it out So, you got your classics like cookies and candies and stuff, but then they give you some really fun things like DrinkAde So it’s celebrating feel great. So you drink this before you go out for the night, which is super helpful And then… Rescue Water. I’m assuming it’s how it’s pronounced proactive recovery.

So pregame and postgame. There you go And then..some Advil if you need it. (Yup!) They have a little fridge filled with all sorts of goodies. Redbull, which you might need.

Some sodas and then of course some alcohol, which is always handy But most importantly they have an incredible view of the surrounding area of Las Vegas. It’s very cool Probably one of the coolest views we’ve had because you can see the mountains off in the distance and I think Maybe you can’t quite see it from here, but they have some snow-capped mountains, which I was not expecting But it’s really cool. You can see how flat the area is, but then that just makes the mountains protrude off in the distance Yeah, and that blue sky with some of those clouds, it’s so pretty. I love it. So, of course we are kicking this weekend off with a bang and starting with food – our favorite thing so if you caught our previous video we did a Comparison of buffets here in Vegas. The cheapest with the most expensive.

It was quite a delicious day And so we are keeping that theme going with visiting a bunch of amazing restaurants around the city We’re starting off at a place called “On-seh”, not once like I kept calling it They even say right here (on-seh) because they know everyone’s gonna mispronounce that Yeah, but it’s Peruvian food but with a little Japanese twist. We have a bunch of appetizers coming We have some very fun cocktails and we’re very excited to show you guys But it isn’t this amazing little spot in the…Palazzo? Not Palazzo either. Gosh, I’m really bad at pronouncing things I’m realizing I know But it’s gonna be so delicious. I cannot wait Cocktails.

Our food’s arrived but we haven’t tried our cocktails yet. The one that I got is called Ayahuasca. No, it is not real. Ayahuasca It is mezcal activated charcoal Lillet rose and lemon.

Half of those I have no idea what they are This will be fun Mine on the other hand is called… Titicaca isn’t funny with the smiley face It just isn’t true It’s really funny It’s also really beautiful from what I hear. It’s a real thing It’s a lake – Titicaca It’s in Peru In case you didn’t know mine is Reposado tequila agave passionfruit and lime. It looks very Lovely, and they put a beautiful little flower on top.

I’m actually more excited for yours. I just really liked the name of mine. That is fresh and delicious. A little tart because of the extra fruit in there, but That’s really refreshing. Guess I gotta give the charcoal a try.

Behind the scenes I’ve already spilled this twice. That’s interesting. Let’s count Is it smoky? Yeah, it is kind of smoky really earthy, I don’t know if it necessarily tastes like what I thought charcoal would taste like but How do you even begin to think about what charcoal tastes like That’s a lot of flavor in that little guy I don’t know It almost tastes like barbecue Yeah, it does It’s like smoky Like smoky burning charcoal It’s actually really good Full of flavor Almost salty too I guess that I’am glad that I got mine mine is just nice and fruity and easy So we have a bunch of amazing dishes here a lot of it is tapas style So they’re little small plates that we’re sharing. We have started though with this little beauty which I’d seen on their menu beforehand I’m so glad we got it. It’s Yuquitas Stuffed Yuca with smoked mozzarella and then it has this jalapeno cilantro sauce I don’t know if I’m actually supposed to use chopsticks.

I think they’re probably for Cut it? Let’s cut into this. See what’s inside So, I think it’s stuffed with smoked mozzarella in there, oh my gosh, it looks like a little beignet get a little bit this cilantro jalapeno jelly It smells so savory and good It’s like the world’s fanciest mozzarella stick That is amazing!

That cheese in there is so smoky and warm And it’s so nicely fried on the outside. I don’t know that I would have known that there was yuca in here I would have thought it was like a potato or something which I guess is pretty similar, but then this sauce Oh, I’m so sad that you don’t like cilantro because it is amazing It’s like tangy a little bit spicy, but it’s really fresh. Oh my god This might be my new favorite thing in the entire world.

Cheesy Yuca balls So we came back to the Palms we’ve just been hanging out chillin exploring the hotel a bit We tried to go to the pool, but we didn’t look at the hours ahead of time. Yeah, it closes at 6:00. FYI Yeah, so go early, but it accidentally got pretty late and we actually have a very early morning tomorrow So early. We are gonna be going ….can I say it? Yes.

We’re gonna go on a hot-air balloon ride It’s gonna be super duper early though But so we’re gonna see a whole new Perspective on Vegas and mostly we’re gonna be away from downtown I think in the surrounding area. Yeah Amazing to see all of the the mountains in the canyon. I think we’ll probably get to go down into them stuff I can’t wait, but that means we have to go to bed and we are gonna see you guys at about 4:30 And I’m sure we’ll be nice and happy and refreshed. Yeah. See you there We are in the middle of the desert now still waking up. I didn’t have any coffee so It’s almost 6 a.m.

I think maybe it’s 6 a.m. Now. We got up around 4 a.m. Yeah We’re still waking up. But check this out. They have a series of balloons that they’re setting up in the background I think this one’s gonna be ours but the way they do it is they fill it with air that kind of gives it the initial fill and then they turn on The heater which gives it the actual hot air and that’s when it lifts up. Yeah I’m very excited to see all of this.

You can see like all the little mountains behind us I think we’re just gonna see more and more desert land as we go up hopefully with a bit of the city off in the distance I think it should be pretty nice views and one of the coolest things to wake up early for I’d say We’re about to be airborne the heat that comes from that whole flamethrower thing up there is crazy So hot! So they point out some stuff over here these used to be old silver mines They produce much silver. Inside that one right there.

There’s a single-story house It was built inside of it. A gentleman was living in it up until last year Mostly they produce gypsum. What makes sheet rock. The county decided they were too unsafe.

So they shut ’em all down Brace for landing. Assume all landing positions. What’s happening?

We did it. Nice This is the coolest part they’ve just given it enough gas to get us a little bit off the ground Now they’re moving us over to the road back there Guess it’s a tradition after you ride in a hot air balloon to do champagne Yeah we did it once in Turkey and they do it to us I guess it’s everywhere. Cheers!

To a successful flight and landing. Yeah, I think we we deserve it after our long arduous flight over the beautiful canyons Oh, well, that was an amazing way to start our day But boy, am I hungry worked up quite an appetite on that balloon? And we only have some yogurt this morning So we ran to a restaurant that’s called Hearthstone But it should be really delicious and we’re right near the Red Rock Conservation Area Which I think after this we’re gonna head in there and scoop out some views. I hear very good things here So a beautiful man, one of my favorite dates hot air balloon ride delicious brunch and then some views Yeah, if we can stay awake, this will be a good night This is one of the cooler restaurants attached to a casino that we’ve ever been in Yeah, I would never pictured this in a casino ever Yeah, it is so classy and the color palette is so nice, but we’re actually sitting on the outside We just kind of came in to explore the inside. We’ve already placed our order.

We have some drinks coming as well So we’re gonna go try that right now Our meal has arrived I decided to keep it simple went with a burger got a couple of cocktails What kind of salad is this? It’s a Caesar salad, but a Brussels sprout Caesar salad, so I think it’s a bunch of shaved Brussels sprouts in there Which just sounds like the best thing in the entire world, I love Brussels sprout Yeah, there’s some chicken in there and I guess croutons Holy cow, you guys burger so juicy and delicious. It might not be the most exciting things that we got a burger and salad, but it’s exactly what we want. Soemtimes you just have to keep it simple, you know? Well lunch was amazing, but I’m so freakin’ tired you guys I think like a food coming out and getting up early did not help at all Luckily that Red Rock you can do like proper hikes, but there’s also this really nice scenic loop So I think we’re just gonna drive that now. Yeah, scoop up the views Maybe go take a nap or at least get a big old coffee We’ve made it to the Red Rock Canyon, this place is phenomenal Look at this All of a sudden the rocks just turned bright red or like deep red If you go over a hill then it’s just like Aaaahhhh…(yeah), this is actually part of the Mojave Desert the part that’s actually in Nevada, which is really cool But we stopped at this spot right here.

It’s a private property past the gate So we figure if we just stay on this side of the gate, we’re probably all right close enough We’re admiring from afar. Also, if you want to do hikes you can go up into this. It’s very hot though So make sure to bring plenty of water lots of sunscreen. We also managed to get a pretty nice photo over here So if it turned out good Or maybe the one over here was but I don’t know but if it turned out good We’ll put it on the screen like we usually We try and that is the key Yes, and make sure you head over to our Instagram to follow us up So you can see how our photos turn out as usual We’ll put the username on the screen and they’ll be linked to it in the description as well We’re gonna ride around a little bit more.

Enjoy the views before we head back to town We are back at the Palms The red rocks were amazing, but we were super tired So we crashed out right over here for a few hours, we feel a lot better. We took showers We cleaned up and we’re looking and definitely feeling a bit better, I hope so We got some much-needed coffee and now we are about to head out for one night or one last fun amazing meal I think we’re gonna have quite the view from this restaurant We are gonna be heading somewhere that is super iconic and we will show you that in just a little bit Cheers our final night in Vegas I’ts our final night, I’m so sad about it but we got some beautiful wine, we got some amaaazing dishes coming and check out this view I do not think it can be beat You can see the Eiffel Tower, you can see the Bellagio sounds literally right over there and the entire strip It is fantastic. So our entrees have arrived we decided to get some lamb I think it was the right choice because it’s pretty delicious looking Yeah, ever since we visited New Zealand and Australia we’d be getting lamb everywhere. We’ve been making it home We love lamb, it’s so good. We’ve ordered a medium. So it’s nice and red.

It’s probably gonna be pretty good I think so and then it’s got some chimichurri sauce on the side So excited it smells so good You can see it’s nice and charred on the outside. It’s a bit smoky super salty So flavorful, and I love the chimichurri sauce. You probably won’t Cilantro in it, but oh my god. It’s so oily and perfect with the lamb We actually split one Typically you get both of this together But I think it was a good call because we may or may not be trying to save room for dessert We’ll see. I really didn’t think these little bits of sauce or anything more than just decoration But those might be the highlight you put the lamb in that that’s a little bit of sweetness yeah, but i can’t remember what you said was it’s some kind of sweet Really good So we’re chilling here eating We have an epic view of the strip over there and keep playing every 15 minutes or so They play a new song.

They’re playing the Titanic song right now, which I think is pretty appropriate for a water show. I think so. So our meal was absolutely fantastic I saved a little room for dessert Eric thought he didn’t until he saw the dessert Check this out. You guys. This might be the coolest dessert I’ve ever seen in my entire little life It was the strawberry cube I think it said it’s almond streusel down here and then some sort of strawberry puree and I cannot remember what’s inside but but it’s beautiful Oh It’s really hard can i stab it Okay now it’s soft inside, oh my gosh Look! My god, I think there’s fresh strawberries in there and some goo So, it’s pretty bad, huh, you guys don’t ever come here do not ever get this It’ll ruin your life because you’ll never get another dessert in your entire life.

Oh my god It’s like fresh strawberry puree in there and some cream and the most perfect streusel in the world That’s so much in there. Just collapse I’m so sad that you don’t want any dessert. I guess I’ll have to eat this all on my own.

I dare you to eat that whole thing on your own. Well guys, that was an amazing weekend delicious weekend But I think that’s gonna conclude our time here in Vegas but links to everything that we’ve done today are gonna be in the description below so definitely check it out if you find yourself heading to Vegas because there are so much more to This town than just a strip. Speaking of the strip.

We are on it right now Just kind of walking through the Bellagio and that is one of our favorite things to do is to just explore the strip go through All the different hotels, so definitely at least do that when you’re here Yeah, the energy in Vegas is unlike any other place in the entire world It’s great all hours everyone’s going nuts tomorrow we are actually off to Mexico We will be going kind of in the Cancun area for a bit and then we’ll be off to Colombia We cannot wait some more amazing fun times coming up and we thought we’ll do it. I think we got lost We’re gonna end this because we’re walking to this casino. We don’t know what Yeah, great. Goodnight adventurers.

We’ll see you on the road

MORE CHILI * On FIRE at Atlantis Casino in Reno! HUGE WIN

One extra But it blocked my god Hate the game So chill you have to get 39 What it makes it harder to return it up to the wild Neither son Look at that kangaroos or whatever a Decent bed is minimum. Yeah second thing. Let’s see what he’s got for us star fashion I gotta collect Chili Peppers. I haven’t collected any so it could be a bug I’ve got one chili pepper The more Chili Peppers that we get the more games we’ll get to play Guys can hear Brian christopher over to my left.

He’s got a bonus on dragon rapping five dragons rappin Okay, can we get some chili peppers can we please get some Chili Peppers that would be amazing Come on okay, three Chili Peppers. I Need a lot more than that come on more chili peppers area every more One thing is though like they don’t pay after you get those Me two more so I can get my third set of reals. There we go. There we go Oh, I need one more to get another set. Yes, there we go.

Yay. I Only have five games left though What’s really exciting but Another real I Was the new cute More chili habits more game Oh, okay what is going on? I don’t know what’s going on. I guess I collected all the ones I was supposed to collect I only have four games left though Okay, they’ve got 30 months to collect all of them Boy, we have four spins left.

I Need a lots and lots of a kind I got a pepper show. Yeah, I got a pepper show. Oh, it’s $25 head right there I got a pepper show flying peppers everywhere Mr. Lawyer You just hit something huge Yeah, everybody get out All right, well that’s $25 to play out Okay, so we’re buddies we apply the game the lab No, no big ones up there Two games left unless we can reach rigor which I don’t know those.

It’s gonna happen My husband just hit the $35 bonus on Oh virus Oh another coin show another $20 Oh your coins and peppers everywhere. Yeah Even though suppers and I have one more spin lab done a lots and lots of wild Son the parent where the sons pay the best We’re gonna hit 100 OTT we’re gonna hit it 100x I’m gonna deck I’ve got wonderful up Let’s go. Oh I broke 100 What did I get on that?

Oh, it’s than $20, okay last been give me a big 100 I got $10 25 another 25 and another $10. This is awesome Flying peppers Until you Brian Christopher has brought me luck today All right, hey listen Kalamazoo niggas Be quiet Elvira All right, so we bonus of 148 It’s money on my second spin on this machine minimum bet of 80 cents. I Would consider that a pretty big win? 1:48 20 All right, they’ll take it all day long