Online Coaching

This is a gigantic revolution for coaches, consultants, service providers, any sort of experts. It’s one of the biggest reasons why so many people are now starting to become self-employed or are now getting into entrepreneurship, becoming their own boss and literally just breaking free from the mundane, boring nine to five hamster wheel. There is so much opportunity here for you and it’s crazy and I’m about to jump on that call. It’s getting better and easier by the day and I have to jump on that call now, so just join me, come with me to see what it’s all about and we’ll talk more about this in a second. Let’s crush it now, let’s go. You know, and I’ve been speaking maybe with Andrea and with Jal, like the Gomez Brothers and everything and honestly like, everything you’ve just said, it makes me life, ironic I wanna hug you now, I’m like come on man, he’s nailed everything that was up in my head, you know it’s like… Like you just said dude about you don’t need so many leads.

I was like, it just makes so much sense. You just need 10 who love you. Here’s a great thing and this is something I’m particularly excited about.

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Look, we’re all coming into this wonderful Freedom Business Mentoring group, we’re all coming from different countries, different time zones, different walks of life, we develop different expertise, different types of coaching businesses and that is amazing. Really if you think about that, when have we ever had that in our lives? That we have access to so many people that are all hustling towards the same goal. And this is really something I’m so, so deeply appreciative on a deeper basis. You understand that? There’s nothing better in that.

I mean over the last couple months, over the last couple years, there’s been so much development that has enabled people like us to get together and to do our thing. How amazing is it that you can nowadays literally reach clients from all around the world, 24/7, with nothing else but your phone? How many clients can you generate with this thing? How much money can you make with this thing?

How many lives can you change? Literally by a bunch of zeros and ones that are connecting people all across the globe. And now we’re getting together here in this group and we’re working together and I love what you said, that you said it can be extremely advantageous to kind of participate in the group, see the general vibe, see what the coaches are posting to help that guy out to help me in my situation, then we can all learn from each other right? How amazing is that when Sam asks a targeted question, that can help Andrea and when we’re all helping each other out and I see some of you commenting on each other’s stuff and you’re learning so much about business, brand building, marketing, sales from this program and you give it to others, right?

How do we call that, the law of the 33%? You should hang out, 33% of your time you should hang out with people that are above you, right? These are us, your coaches.

We’re gonna teach you everything, we’ve made all the mistakes for you already, so you don’t have to do it. 33% of your time you should hang out with peers that are in your relative area of expertise, okay? So these are people that are as far in the program as you, all right? We got some of you guys talking to each other, you’re in the same module, “How did you do that?”

“How did you do that?” You’re asking us, you get feedback from that and 33% of your time, you should be hanging out with people that are below you, okay? Those are the people that are getting into the program, they’re a little newer. They’re struggling with some things, now why is that important for you?

Why is that so amazing for you? Because number one, you learn from the people that are above you. You get new input, you get the outside perspective.

“Hey, I’ve been there, do it like this it’s better,” right? So you’re saving tons of time and energy, because you don’t have to make that same problem. Right, you don’t have to face that some problem, don’t have to make the same mistake. Now 33% of the time you’re hanging out with peers, this is where the creativity, the creative juices are flowing. We’re hanging out with each other.

You’re kind of pinging ideas off each other, “Oh, that’s great.” You’re kind of getting inspired because the other one’s getting a little bit ahead or you’re getting a little bit ahead. And then you’ll learn the most also, by reiterating what you’ve learnt from the people above you to the people below you, right? Repetition, there’s literally, one of my favorite videos on this program of how we retain knowledge is by reiterating it to others and that is the beauty of this program and most of us would’ve never met each other in real life. There’s people from Italy, people from Canada, people from South America, some people are sitting over there in Asia.

We would’ve never met. But now we’re exchanging expertise and we’re helping each other out, right? And this hasn’t been possible couple years ago. This wasn’t possible with video live stream, how many people are we are on this call now? We’re all video live streaming each other, we’re here-Around 50, 48. It’s amazing, as if we were in the same room, we’re not even on the same continent some of us.

That’s the amazing thing about coaching, consulting nowadays and I see a bunch of you guys nodding. Really take a second to implement it, to understand it, how amazing that is. And you know sometimes I feel down. Sometimes I feel not motivated to work on my dreams further. To put a happy face on and know that I will crush it.

You know what I do, to answer you question Terry. I go onto this very group and I’m reading through your messages. And I’m seeing this guy’s crushing it and this guy’s developed his USP and this guy’s made his first close, this guy’s made his first couple thousand dollars, that shit motivates the hell out of me. Okay just stay with that.

No, I think that’s great. I think what most people, I haven’t heard of many fitness programs that teach you only gaining weight. Most fitness programs are so, they’re coming from this bad mindset of the more people I can help the better, right?

So they teach you how to get a six pack and muscles and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t like that, in fact I like it better to say “Yo, I teach men who have a metabolism “how to finally gain some muscle.” Because I, and I told you that last time, I personally know a handful of guys already that have trouble gaining muscle, one of them is sitting right there.

He’s like “Bro I can’t gain weight. I’m going to the gym “and I’m trying to eat as much as I can, “I just can’t gain weight,” right? So there’s tons of people like that. I think it’s your mindset to say “Oh, that’s what basically everybody is teaching anyway.” Mindset problem.

The fitness industry is one of the biggest industries that’s completely full of broke shcmucks, who have no clear idea about positioning. So that’s why I loved your idea of saying “I don’t even around with fitness and six pack “and blah, blah, blah. I help skinny dudes “gain some muscle.” And I love that, I love that. Yes, okay. Okay, yeah, that is it.

All I can say like, these calls are always a personal highlight of mine. I love them, they give me so much energy and I hope that I can give you energy as well and I love that we’re getting into this like, it’s almost like we’re sitting around a bonfire and we’re discussing things and we’re just bouncing things back and forth and it’s really like, we’re this like, mastermind group where, I love it when you guys talk to each other and give ideas, bounce back, I can help you out, I can guide you through the process. I love the hyper-focused questions where I can really dissect your business, implement the right things, take the wrong things out and help you get on your way and just really be safe and secure and be knowledgeable enough and confident enough to go forward, start making money, get your clients and again this is so damn inspiring for me and I really wanna thank you for being on board, for being part of this program, for being on board with all these calls that we have so many times and you know, if you have any more questions post on the Facebook group. We’re here 24/7 for you. If there’s anything more I can do with you, for you, or Nikita or Joseph or anybody from my coaches can do for you, post in the Facebook group.

We’re here for you. Until then, let’s crush it. Implement the things that we’ve talked about today, keep inspiring each other, keep inspiring me and my team, keep inspiring everybody and together we’re part of that wonderful epic and amazing upward spiral of success.

Let’s go make some money, let’s go get some freedom, let’s go fulfill our dreams, let’s crush it, GG and may the force be with you, bam. GG, guys, GG. Epic call, epic call I gotta say and yeah. I mean, I’m always so drained after these calls and… It’s always so amazing to see as a coach, to see how your clients are crushing it and it is so inspiring and I’m also so grateful as a coach to see how your clients are doing well and how you’re clients are progressing and you see them almost on a daily basis, how they’re getting better. That really means a lot to me and that’s you know, that’s a real fulfillment that you attain as a coach and by the way, this is exactly what Freedom Business Mentoring is.

If you’ve been asking yourself “What is Freedom Business Mentoring?” It’s exactly that, we help young entrepreneurs become a coach, consultant or service provider in their field. We help them monetize their passion so they can finally break from the nine to five hamster wheel, thank you for the notifications.

So they can finally break free from the nine to five hamster wheel and live a life where they’re their own boss, where they’re free to travel the world, they make good money and you know, they can really be themselves and that it one of the things that I live for myself and that is exactly what we’re teaching in the Freedom Business Mentoring program. And on a side not if you wanna join this group there’s a link in the description below. You literally just click that link and you jump on a free consultation call with us, you can literally book the exact time and date where you want us to call you. You can talk to me personally or with an expert from my team and we can see exactly how we can help you out, what kind of skill you have that we can help you monetize and you can get to join Freedom Business Mentoring, mentoring group. It’s really cool stuff. Other than that, again, it’s one of the best things that you can do as a coach, consultant, service provider.

We’ve kind of talked about this before, that you have the tools at your disposal now that help you reach your clients and give them all the value but the other thing that is so huge is that you can now reach potential clients anywhere round the world, okay? And this was a problem many experts used to deal with. The locality problem. They would, you know, be in a city and they would only reach the people in their city so they had a very finite pool of potential clients. But with the internet, with advancements in Web 2.0, social media, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, all these things, all of a sudden your pool went from very finite in your city, to everybody in the world.

So all of a sudden you could reach anybody that is dealing with the problem that you can help them fix. And it’s incredible because the advancements that you can make in terms of your business growth, that you can make in terms of getting more clients and thus also creating more revenue and profit for you is huge. There’s so many amazing opportunities for you.

And on top of that, you don’t have to have an office anymore, you don’t need clients anymore. You don’t even need to create, to invest money into advertisement. It’s all done for free nowadays via social media, you can do it most of it manually by getting into Facebook groups, by joining forums.

You can literally get clients of Reddit nowadays and that is just the huge revolution that’s been happening over the last couple years when it comes to coaching consultants and service providing. The other great thing is it comes with almost no cost at all, all right? ‘Cause you’re not creating a physical product that you have to pay for or you need a lot of capital investment. No, you’re literally selling your expertise.

You’re selling a little bit of your time. So you’re sitting on no risk. You’re not risking to create anything, you’re not creating any product that you then hope, hope to God it will sell. No again, you’re selling your expertise and the great thing is, you can also grow alongside with that with your first client.

You can get better at that, then you can get a second client, you can get even better and so on, so forth. You can learn by doing while you’re already getting paid. You don’t need a degree for that either.

You don’t need to study economics, you don’t need a degree in economics whatsoever. People don’t care about that. The regular average person that is your potential client literally cares about can this person, this coach, consultant, service provider bring me results, yes or no? And this is by the way exactly what you learn in the Freedom Business Mentoring program.

How to position yourself correctly, how to get your first clients, how to scale, how to make money and again, what is the end result for you? Freedom, because nothing in this world is more important than your own personal freedom. The freedom of working wherever you want. If you wanna backpack around Thailand while at the same time running your business you can do that.

If you wanna chill on a ranch, again, in Nebraska, enjoying nature you can do that. If you wanna live the big city life in Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, you can do that. If you wanna do all these things within a year you can do that.

You have the freedom to work whenever you want. You wanna sleep in during the day? Go ahead and do that. You wanna party at night? Go ahead and do that.

You wanna work at night? Go ahead and do that. You wanna take some time off in between?

Go ahead and do that. How important is that for you? I know it was always so important for me. I hated getting up in the morning.

I would dread it, I would dread it so much that I couldn’t even fall asleep. I hated the fact that I had to wear a nice shirt and a tie and that I had to say yes sir and good morning sir and I had to be nice to my boring, idiotic co-workers. I didn’t want it. I didn’t like it. I wanted to be free, I wanted to be whoever the hell I want to be. And I think that was one of the things that always made me just magnetically drawn towards the coaching, consulting, service providing business ’cause I said “If I’m a coach, I’m my own boss.

“I can do whatever I want.” And if there’s one thing in this world I’m good at, it is building a successful coaching business. I’ve done it with my first business, a dating advice business. I’ve created a worldwide movement, I’ve made tons of money giving great value to my clients and it was so damn fulfilling for me as a coach. And as I did that more and more people reached out to me, being in a coaching position, where they said “Hey how do I generate my first client? “How do I deliver more value to my clients?

“How can I get more money? “How can I make more profit, more revenue etc?” So as I did that, I just started helping all these coaches building their coaching businesses and I said “That’s great. “How about making that the next big project of mine?” Helping young entrepreneurs, finding their passion, monetize so they can break free from the nine to five hamster wheel and enjoy a life of being their own boss, enjoying being free. Now let that sink in.