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Yeah, what Nick said yesterday because I was listening to your podcast last, but that’s copy that’s taken from us, not from them brought into that. Well, you wouldn’t know it. That’s right, which is why it ended up working, right. That’s right and it would be way better if I had time because I would record something original. My podcast would explode if I had time and maybe I’m trying to convince myself right now to do it, but if I would record literally just a minute or two to set up what you’re about to listen to because I could use the moment in time.

Especially off of the one that you’ve just had because we’ve lived through the a golden year of opportunity and some of it’s getting corrected. Yes, right now. And we’re all playing one big game of Cack and El TV, he’s just playing it literal. Cost of acquisition, lifetime value. It’s true math.

Which is why he can get to 100 because when it really works, you can’t spend enough. Yes. You spend it all. It all pays back.

If you know the. And what you’ll love and this will make sense to you and this is probably where maybe I can take you to a place. That’s basically what I’m doing as a brand in perpetuity because I have no short term metric. I have actually two questions. One is, influencers Yes. We just started working with them.

Yes. Especially for pocket product, which is pretty small in comparison with all the others. What’s the best strategy for our business to work with influencers. Your best strategy on influencers is just brand long tail arbitrage. They won’t convert, like even if they’re.

Well, you’ll find people like. Like if I did an ad right now, hey Vayner Nation, like straight up being authentic. Let me play it out exactly. Hey Vayner Nation, being authentic, you know I never pitch anything, but the fact of the matter is I love this wine app.

They’re my homies, known them for 13 years. They’re paying me $200,000 for this. I want to be authentic with all of you. But, you fucking know me, like I’ve never done this. I’m doing this because this is the best wine app I’ve ever seen. Link is in my profile, you should download it.

It would convert, what I just did would convert. Still not that great. Definitely not to what you would care about and I’m extremely rare, thus you can imagine why I’m worried about influencers for people that are deep, deep quant based around gaming. I like it better for fashion/retail.

I like it better for consumer packaged goods. I don’t love it as much for gaming because the natural influencer isn’t there. You know, the fashion blogger gal. There’s a billion of her. The food people there’s a billion of them. The I’m a casual gamer influencer, doesn’t exist.

You’re not going to get e-sports people to convert. So you’ve got a, do you see where I’m going? Yes. Sure, there’s people you can do. Sure, some of them will work for math for you. None of them will work the second time.

None of them, none of them. They don’t have a second post in them. I think you need to look at Instagram story swipe up ads. Have you guys looked there? Yes, yes. I think what you need to do is optimize creative.

That’s what I’m. Yeah, I saw you. That’s your. Contextual.

Contextual at scale. Yes, yes. At scale. Yes, I’m building brand.

And building brand. I think the two things that if I was, and I think you already picked up on it. I think you’re here and I want you here.

Yes. I want you to spend more money on brand, which will always work. And I want you to go way more long tail contextual, creative and paid.

This worked, but it’s starting not to. Which is why this matters. Yes, that’s fair.

That’s it. And our market is pretty funny, I would say. Funny is always an interesting adjective.

So we’re doing social because you know, there is no real money involved the people are spending real money, but the are buying tokens. That’s right. And spending tokens in the game. That’s right.

The market is growing. Why it’s growing, because people stop flying to Vegas, they stop playing in the real casino, they stop paying thousands of dollars and start paying hundreds of dollars for the same emotions, the same dopamine. They start playing online casino. Live dealer casino SA is a great solution for the people who love to play in real casinos, because it real but in your mobile phone or laptop. We tried the influencer who are filming themselves in the casino and I won, I had the big win and stuff, but it doesn’t convert.

Similar to what I was telling him which is you’re going, too many people go too literal when all you’re trying to do is buy under-priced attention. Yeah. Right. So for example, I think you would do so much better with, you know, and this is for your business and this is for your business.

The person I’m most obsessed with is the alpha woman in the suburb. I’m obsessed with this woman. I really got to, I’m going to name her.

Maybe Sally, you know. Sandra, Sandra. I just am obsessed with the following woman. Specifically because it’s more, this is very general. High net worth suburb of a big town, she’s the alpha of her 39 friends.

Because there’s a million of her and she’s so influential and if you can get 39 of them in a concentrated area, you can get the whole damn thing. Got it. So 55 plus, this is our. Whether it’s 28 or 55 or 72, there is a 42 year old woman who is the alpha of her neighborhood which means 19 other women look up to her. She says, they say, they’re also influential, boom. And it will work for a lot of people.

There’s a term in American politics. It’s called soccer moms. It was during, I don’t know if it was Clinton or Bush or Gore, but it was like, it was categorizing the swing of this election is soccer moms, which is really in a lot of ways what I’m referring to now. The influential suburban woman. How she voted and how she impacted the vote. I think that person right now is extremely relevant to me.

Here’s why I love it, all of them are on Instagram. Here’s why I like it more. They all have between 700 and 7,000 fans, which means nobody’s paying attention. It’s not fun because it’s long tail. It’s a lot of hand-to-hand combat, but what you end up realizing is you hire three people to do the hand-to-hand combat at $45,000 a year. Hand-to-hand combat, DM but when you amortize out the cost of $150,000 salary.