Business Advice

Yeah, what Nick said yesterday because I was listening to your podcast last, but that’s copy that’s taken from us, not from them brought into that. Well, you wouldn’t know it. That’s right, which is why it ended up working, right. That’s right and it would be way better if I had time because I […]

Online Coaching

This is a gigantic revolution for coaches, consultants, service providers, any sort of experts. It’s one of the biggest reasons why so many people are now starting to become self-employed or are now getting into entrepreneurship, becoming their own boss and literally just breaking free from the mundane, boring nine to five hamster wheel. There […]

The Perfect Weekend in LAS VEGAS 😍

Good morning adventurers! Good morning! From another beautiful day here in Las Vegas. It’s so sunny here. I love it. Yeah, so we’ve checked into the Palms Hotel. We’re gonna be staying here for the next couple nights We thought it’d be really cool to show you guys an awesome weekend here in Vegas and […]